Do WT-Warehouse Send Containers directly from Overseas?

Yes, we do ship directly from China or other manufacturing sources.

For large orders please contact one of our professional team members, who can help you through the process.

Do I need to have a resell ID to be able to buy from WT WAREHOUSE?

Yes, we are a wholesae company therefore, you need to have a valid resell ID.

For more information please Contact our accounting department.

Do you have a delivery?

Yes, we do have delivery service.

We do have our own trucks which deliver to locations close to ours for free.

We also do delivery to other parts of California, however there is a minimum quantity (For more information please check with our salesmen).

Is there a minimum quantity for the delivery service?

If your location is close to ours there is no minimum quantity, specially if you are a regular customer. But its always better to double-check with one of our salesmen.

If the location is far, you need to discuss it with our salesmen, there might be some minimum order.

Can I check WT WAREHOUSE prices online?

We do have an online service; however, you need to be one of our active existing customers. We do not offer this service for new customers.

If you are an existing customer, please contact our salesmen to obtain an online login access.