1721 Yeager Ave, La Verne CA 91750 ,USA
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We offer a wide variety of services, from giving technical advice to business opportunities. Our very experienced salesmen will give you the best service you will get.

WT WAREHOUSE offers delivery service at no extra charge for local deliveries

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TODAY'S LIMITED SALE ON PRODUCTS BELOW, Contact one of our salesmen asap.


WT WAREHOUSE offer container sales from manufacturers directly to your door, this way you’ll save upto 6% transportation and other additional costs, We import tires made in Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea.

All the products we sell are quality controlled and based on highest standards. Some of the brands we carry in our warehouse:



Tire Salesman

We are looking for talented and experienced tire salesmen.

The position requires a very good knowledge of tire industry, work with various types of customers, from big warehouses to small tire shops.

Minimum experience is 3 years.

If you have the experience and interested to work with us, please fill the job application form.

What we need now:

Tire Salesman: Needed

Drivers: Position filled

Warehouse worker: Position filled

Secretaries: Position filled

Accountant: Position filled

WT WAREHOUSE: 1721 Yeager Ave, La Verne, CA 91750, USA

TEL: (909).596.5800 FAX:(909).392.0787

Close Areas: Glandora - Duarte - Monrovia - Azusa - Pomona - San Dimas

ADDRESS 1721 Yeager Ave, La Verne CA 91750, USA

TEL (909).596.5800

FAX (909).392.0787

EMAIL online@wt-warehouse.com

SITE www.wt-warehouse.com


Do WT-Warehouse Send Containers directly from China?
Yes, we do ship directly from China or other manufacturing sources.

Do I need to have a resell ID to be able to buy from WT WAREHOUSE?
Yes, we are a wholesae company therefore, you need to have a valid resell ID.

Do you have delivery?
Yes, we do have delivery sevice.

Is there a minimum quantity for the delivery service?
If your location is close to ours there is no minimum quantity, specially if you are a regular customer. But its always better to double-check with one of our salesmen. However, if your location is far, you need to discuss it with our salesmen, there might be some minimum order.

Can I check WT WAREHOUSE prices online?
We do have that online service; however, you need to be one of our active old customers. We do not offer this to new customers.


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About WT Warehouse:

WT Warehouse is a tire and wheel warehouse located in La Verne California Not too far from Downtown Los Angeles.

We import very a high quality tires from China. We offer multiple brands both Asian and American..

WT Warehouse is a wholsale Warehouse.

A very knowledgeable sales team that can help you with any question you may have.

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